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Mormonism teaches polytheism: the belief in many gods. This doctrine is aligned closer with Eastern religions than the Abrahamic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) which teach monotheism: the belief in only One God.

Monotheism - One God Polytheism - Many gods

Defining official LDS doctrine is a moving target, as Mormon teachings about God have evolved over the years. Since Mormonism claims to be Christian, here is a comparison of the major differences between the two:
Mormonism Christianity
God was once a mortal man
Heavenly Father was once a mortal sinful man who obtained divinity through obedience.
God has always been Deity and never a man.
God has a physical body
God possesses a physical body of flesh and bones.
God is a spirit who transcends time, space and matter.
God is eternally progressing
God will continue to progress in knowledge and power for all eternity.
God is all knowledge and power. There is no knowledge or power beyond God to acquire.
God the Father has a father
Heavenly Father has a father and so on.
God is Creator not an offspring.
God is married to Heavenly Mother God is not married.
God is a polygamist God is not married.
God lives near the planet Kolob God is not a member within the universe but transcends it as its Creator.
Jesus Christ and Lucifer are brothers
Jesus Christ was the first born, and Lucifer the second born.
Jesus is God manifest in the flesh and the Creator of Satan.
The Trinity is comprised of three gods
Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost are three separate and distinct gods united in common purpose over this planet. This cooperation is called the Godhead.
There is only One God manifest in three persons: the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This definition is called the Trinity.

Trinity diagram A diagram of the Trinity
Note: the apostles and prophets of biblical times record that God has manifested Himself as a burning bush, a pillar of fire, a cloud, an angel, a dove, as the man Jesus Christ, and even talked through a donkey. The Apostle John teaches about the Seven Spirits of God Revelation 1:4, 3:1, 4:5, 5:6. Each manifestation of God does not require separate and distinct individuals as we define it in human terms.
There are more gods outside of the Trinity
There are many gods outside of the LDS Godhead.
There is only One God.
Mormons may become gods
Faithful and obedient Mormons who fulfill certain requirements may earn for themselves the ability to become their own god.
Believers become like Jesus Christ in character (i.e. love, patient) and in some attributes (i.e. immortal, sinless) but will never become a deity or be a diety over others.
Adam God
Brigham Young, the second and longest serving Mormon prophet taught that Adam is God.

The LDS church denies this doctrine today.