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As a Mormon with many questions and doubts, I have waited a lifetime for someone to do this, and finally someone has! ... It is a reference book with questions/facts listed item by item in the Table of Contents. Easy to find, then so easy to read and understand! Short and to the point. Facts, not opinions. [This book is apt to cause the Church officials in Salt Lake to lose some sleep, because it's beyond their control now.] Everything unique to Mormonism is covered, it seems to me. Mormons and non-Mormons will learn and understand like never before, I'm sure. I've been so impressed with it that I've given some copies as gifts. If this subject is of interest to you, do yourself a favor and order yourself a copy. It's worth 10 times its' cost.

K. L. Smith

A good summary of the problems of the Mormon church. It comes from a well thought out website that I would also recommend. This book lays out the issues in a way that you can share with those that have started to open their eyes. $5 is a cheap way to show your support for all the hard work that went into this. I have lots of books that have helped me out of this cult, and this is my first "ebook". Each section is laid out nicely and supporting evidence is not from the "evil" and "nasty" anti-Mormons but comes from the church friendly sources. Most believing LDS are not open minded enough to look at anything other than Deseret book. For those brave enough to examine what they "know" to be true this will lay it out plainly. Support the hard work and buy the book.

Ward Jensen

This has got to be the finest work yet. I could not put the book down. I have been studying the church for over 50 years and I left 10 years ago. I thought I knew everything but i was wrong.


A refreshingly straightforward look at Mormon history as well as current doctrine and the changes that took place in between. Sources used are almost exclusively quotations from well known Mormon friendly sources. The book appears to be written/edited by Christians as the book also does an excellent job of citing Bible verses showing the Christian perspective on each Mormon doctrine. Overall, I would highly recommend this book to anyone who seeks a thorough but concise summary of the LDS church from a Biblical and historical viewpoint.


Thank you! I'm nearly 75 yrs old, and have waited all my adult lifetime for a publication like this one! Putting everything together, that needed to be put together, in one book - finally - and so well done and easy to deal with. I've had for a couple of weeks and I wish I had it for the nearly 75 years of my life! If a person questions, then this is the book for that person. Everything is there. It's more a research book than anything else. I think everything that is unique to Mormonism is addressed. If you want answers to your questions then this is the place. Oh, how I wish it was on my shelf during my lifetime! But, better late than never!

Kenneth Lee Smith

I want to thank you for your great website. As the leader of a Mormon outreach ministry myself I am very impressed at the clarity and simplicity with which you have presented this information. I encourage you to continue expanding your site as you are able. As one who regularly speaks with Mormons I can ensure those reading this comment that this website hasn't in anyway misrepresented the beliefs of the Mormon faith or it's history. The truth is that most Mormons are simply unaware of the contradictions inherent in their faith and haven't been taught an accurate account of the history of the LDS. Ex-Mormons are those who have made an honest evaluation of these things and discovered the truth. Keep it up!


I love your website. I resigned from the LDS church last July. Your site has really been helping me witness to others about the falseness of the church. Thank you for all of your hard work and research!

Rebekah Currier

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Back to the Mormon Handbook website. (How did they ever get that domain name, anyway? One would think that the Church would have had all such names purchased and on the shelf long ago.)

It is an exhaustive and very well done website on Mormonism (mainly Mormon history and Joseph Smith), and here is a great deal of well documented (original source) information here. Someone (or some group of folks) spent a great deal of time pulling all of this together and organizing it.

With a navigation bar at the top, an extensive and detailed linked subject index at the bottom of each page, and a column with graphics and more subject links on the right, it is easy to navigate and makes a great reference site for us post-mos.

(The subject index with links is available at the bottom of each page stays out of sight until you scroll down for it. But it is always there if you need it. This is a really nice feature for for this type of reference/ information-rich website.)

Hope the word gets out about this one. It is well worth the time to explore.

Bary Wilson

Hello. I just discovered your Mormon Handbook website and found it to be a very informative website.

Darren Brown

I've just been on your website on the polygamy page. Your "timeline" is good, interesting, factual and worth sharing.

Doris Hanson, KTMW-TV20 Salt Lake City

I found your site very well put together, very readable. I've sent links to TBM that intends to investigate the Book of Abraham. (And I hope keep reading from there.) This is my new favorite site for presenting the facts against the truthfulness of TSCC's claims. I love the internet! As a former mormon myself, I love how the information is out there for the honest minded to find. Your site does a great job presenting it. Thanks for the great work!


I love the layout of the site and admire the work you have put into it. It is very concise and straightforward.

Brett Wells

Your website is fantastic!

Dan Johnson

I worked for the Mormon Church’s Education System for nearly 30 years as a full time instructor, Coordinator, Release Time Seminary Principal, Director of Institute.

I left CES and the church in August 2002, after enduring years of harassment for teaching the truths about LDS scripture, doctrine and its origins. As Boyd Packer said to we CES faculty in 1981, "some truths are not very useful". In fact he referred to the truth as disease germs.

Thanks to you for your great work. The format is excellent, it is easy to look at and read. The information is excellent.

Ken Clark, Ph.D.

I've just been made aware of your site at MormonHandbook, and I must say that I am very impressed with its professionalism. Well done!

Dianne Ormond

I wanted to express how impressed I am with the layout and content of your site.


Wonderful!!!!!! This should be required reading for all school children, especially in Utah. A very good information source. A big thank you to brethren in Utah working against this plague.


I became aware of your site, Mormon Hanbook, today. I'm an ex-Mormon, not particularly Christian-geared, but your site is great! I love the formatting and design. Goes without saying that it is very well-composed.

Amy Guerrero

Thank for you making such a professional looking well organized site with so much useful information. I will be using this to help my family(parents) see the truth.

Robert Goforth